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      High pressure water cleaning in the application of aluminum tape

      2013/11/17      view:

            Pressure washer on the aluminum strip cleaning equipment in recent years with the rapid development of China's national economy, aerospace, decorative materials, household appliances and beverage industry is growing demand for aluminum foil, bringing the aluminumthe rapid development of the plastic tape, capacitor foil, PS substrate, pot material and other high-precision aluminum strip. These products flatness, cleanliness requirements are very strict, high-precision aluminum strip is usually oil cooling lubrication rolling, the surface of a lot of residual rolling oil and aluminum powder, so to get a good surface quality, must be cleaned to remove surface residues. In addition to require a higher plate-shaped aluminum strip also stretch bending, stretch bending the strip to gradually produce plastic cast Chung and release the stress in the plate under tensile and bending role to improve the plate and strip the waveform generated in the cold working, warping, bending and potential adverse plate-shaped defects from the straightening process considerations, must first cleaning the surface of the strip.,

            In recent years, research and learning related equipment on the same industry at home and abroad, developed a high-pressure water jet technology to clean the surface of the aluminum plate with cleaning unit for cleaning the surface of the strip rolling oil.