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         Account Manager    [2013-11-18 15:34:43]
        Place:  shanghai china
        Salary:  5000 RMB
        Number:  2
        Sex:  man
        Age:  >30
        Condition:  Responsible for the sales of home appliance industry client, the responsibility of the customer sales targets; responsible for customer relationships to establish, maintain the depth of excavation; responsible for customer demand; 3. Integration of internal and external resources to meet customer demand for information products.
        Job Description:

        1 An undergraduate degree or above;

        2 has the industry for more than 3 years in direct customer sales experience, excellent sales performance;

        3 rich IT background; the appliance sales mode of operation, procurement Features and processes;

        4 customers have established an extensive and in-depth customer relationships; under the jurisdiction of the target customer's industry background and customer relationship;

        5 Has a strong pioneering spirit, strong communication skills, a sensitive insight into the market; good image quality, representative of the large corporations.